About Fairy Girls

Fairy Girls Wholesale
Fairy Girls is the Wholesale Supplier of the Adorable Fairy Girls & the Adventurous Little Heros Dress Up Costumes for Children.

Access to our extensive range of products is only available to approved retailers, dance schools and child care centres. For details about wholesale access please click here.

  Our Products Encourage Children to use Their Imagination

Dress-up and role play games are more than just play and fun. The act of dressing up and taking on different roles is an excellent way for children to grow and learn.

We have Australia's largest range of beautiful dress up costumes including fairy dresses, tops & skirts. Dancing tutus, ballerinas, angels, princesses, mermaids, beetles and butterflies. Our accessories include headbands, tiaras, wands, bags, capes, halos, shoes and wings.

Little Heros has some awesome costumes including pirates, kings, skeletons, dragons and of course, super heroes. We also have wizards capes and swords, hats and flags.